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puja corrosion awereness

A global study has revealed the need for a change within worldwide organisations as to how corrosion decisions are made and communicated, said General Manager of Mach3 Engineering Sdn Bhd Michelle Lau during a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) talk titled ‘Corrosion: The Silence Menace of the Industry’.

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The talk was hosted by the Institution of Surveyors, Engineers and Architects (PUJA) Brunei at the Public Works Department (JKR) in Old Airport, where Lau as guest speaker spoke about corrosion, as well as the costs and solutions.

“As engineers, we design and specify appropriate materials to ensure our end product functions. Assets not only need to be functional, they must also be attractive and have the relevant human touch,” she said.

“In the oil and gas industry, where natural resources are being extracted to enrich our lives, and allow for modernisation, owners and operators only focus on certain aspects. Then one factor is forgotten – the horrible C-word, ‘corrosion’, that leads to costly failures.

“Here it is not only just about sustainability but also minimising the negative impact on the environment and the Earth’s natural resources. Imagine, when the global cost of the corrosion is USD2.5 trillion (3.4 per cent of the global GDP), how are we building sustainable projects?”

Over 50 construction industry professionals and engineers attended the talk, which was also aimed at exploring the sustainability of oil and gas engineering projects in three key areas – corrosion cost and its negative implications, asset integrity and sustainability for future generations, and ensuring that countries are utilising an integrated platform for corrosion management.

A NACE International Cathodic Protection Specialist, Lau has given many technical presentations on the awareness of corrosion, cathodic protection and corrosion control at international conferences and corrosion management workshops.

The event concluded with the presenting of a token of appreciation to the guest speaker, which was officiated by PUJA Vice-President and Chairman of the Surveyor Division Nazhatulshima binti Haji Mohd Jamil.

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