We, Mach3 Engineering Sdn. Bhd. upholds the principles of integrity, good code of conduct and professionalism to achieve business excellence. We adopt a zero tolerance policy in all forms of bribery, and are committed towards applying the highest level of ethics and integrity in all our business activities. Our Integrity Compliance Manual (M3-INC-001) outlines our commitment in upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity which are applicable to all employees, as well as third party stakeholders. Under our whistle blowing policy, no employee will suffer demotion, dismissal, penalty or any other adverse consequences for reporting bribery, refusing any form of bribery or any other form of illicit behavior even in conditions where such refusal may result in operational delays or loss of business opportunities. 

Michelle Lau
Managing Director
Updated 01 January 2021


INTEGRITY is always the key value to Mach3 in conducting all its business, in line with this:

  • All Mach3 personnel shall not accept or give personnel gifts to anyone with intention to gain personal benefit or to influence any decision making
  • All Mach3 vendors are not allowed to give any form of items with intention to gain commercial benefit or to influence any decision making